Your debt: it’s overwhelming and now you have gotten a notice from your mortgage company about your home going into foreclosure. What are you supposed to do?
At the law office of Spencer L. Daniels, we are committed to helping our clients in Peoria and throughout Central Illinois find the best solution to save their homes and get rid of their overwhelming debt.

Finding The Best Legal Solution To Save Your Home And Eliminate Your Debt

“Can I file bankruptcy and keep my house?” The answer to the question depends solely on your unique financial situation. In many cases, our clients have been able to keep their homes as well as their other personal property even after a home is in foreclosure by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We have also helped hundreds of clients with home modifications in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.
When you consult our firm, lawyer Spencer L. Daniels will evaluate your case and help you pick the best debt relief option for you to save your house.
The most important factor in keeping your home is your ability to make continued payments on your mortgage. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an individual is able to lower monthly payments, allowing him or her to keep his or her home while paying on it through a court-approved debt reorganization plan that lasts three to five years.
Whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, any foreclosure proceedings will immediately stop as soon as you file. This may give you time to obtain the finances you need to pay on your mortgage or explore other options to save your home.
We urge you to call the law office of Spencer L. Daniels to learn more about the debt relief options available to you that will help you keep your home and minimize your debt.

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